What Are the Three Basic Elements of a Detective Story

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Detective stories will always have an element of mystery attached to them. The mystery is at the core of the story. The author would always try to showcase it in their story that the case, murder, or situation is not being resolved. And then the detective would suddenly solve it just as easily as his prior cases. The detective will always reveal something interesting, like a hidden scenario, secret, or some detail or truth at the last moment, which will resolve the whole case. It would then certainly unravel the entire mystery of the story or the plot. An author of a detective story is keen to introduce elements of mystery, suspense, thriller, logic, reasoning, argument, confusion, and intelligence. There are other elements that come with the package, but the detective is always the one who could introduce the facts, and it is always satisfying to read that case is still solved by them.

Knowing about a Detective Story

A detective story can also be a thriller story, with some adventure attached to it; for example, it can have an unstable situation unfolded and resolved by the detective. It may also reveal about the crime, its detection, and the motives behind it. Was the crime done due to an avoidable circumstance, or was it in the killer or murder nature to commit it? All such details form the plot of the story in a major way. Any detective story can be a thriller or a mystery story, either about a spy, a political scenario, an international conspiracy, or any normal situation in a family or at work. The story itself can play out in a certain way, making the readers believe in its essence. Though a detective story can be based upon many different situations and scenarios, it will always have three basic elements.

The Three Basic Elements of a Detective Story

There would always be three basic elements to a detective story. Here they are:

The Crime or the Event of the Story

The crime or any main event of the detective story usually forms the mystery plot of the story. Most of the time in the story, the crime is about a murder or a kidnapping. The story revolves around the plot of the crime. The crime is done due to extreme emotions or a hidden motive. The motive can be about achieving wealth, a self-based interest, information, or any opportunity. It can also be due to unavoidable circumstances, which caused the murder, as it was not intended to happen in the first place. There can also be a situation in which the perpetrator or the murder is used as a pawn or a puppet by someone else who is pulling strings all along in the story. But ironically, it is uncovered by the detective. However, the crime or the event forms a mystery. The identity of the murderer or the perpetrator is revealed towards the end.

The Detective

The detective in the storyline is someone who is revealed to be a genius, intellectual, precise, composed, knowledgeable, undying perseverance, determined, and most of all, being patient. The detective always makes the best use of their skills and abilities, with an undying relentless urge to uncover the truth or the identity of the murderer. At first, it may appear as if the detective faces many difficulties, obstacles, and hardships, but they emerge as victorious towards the end. A detective in the story always exposes the criminal by his thinking or reasoning ability, or through a method or finding out the missing clue or details, which helps identify the identity or how the crime was committed.

 The detective can have many charismatic personality characteristics or rely on their technique or an eye for detail. Sometimes, the detective can even have a sidekick, the second character somehow or the other, as a personal assistant or a character trying to find out the truth, just the detective. The detective or the second character would have the same motives. Like in Sherlock Holmes, where a second character assists the detective with the intelligence of an average human. He or she would be someone to whom the detective would explain their thought processes and how they have come to a conclusion.

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The Investigation

The investigation is a detective story that would include a series of observations, events, circumstances, or pieces of a puzzle that would be disconnected or scattered. It would be the detective’s job to piece them up together to reveal the hidden truth or the plot. The detective and the final solution reveal the significance of the crime or the murder. One of the best detective stories I have read recently is ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ from the Urbanax Files.’  It is written by an inspirational author Richard Frances, who, as an inspirational author, tells a detective’s story and how the plot of a kidnapping case is solved in a unique way.

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